lim-omx-0.2 release

lim-omx-0.2  has been released on 2011-04-02, this release added in content parser metadata config support to Integration Layer.

Together with the Android repo tool usage, starting with this release, a simplified release strategy that leads to a much smaller release tarball is used.

New release no longer distributes autotool genertaed configure and scripts, since most developers have build tools on their machine anyway.

LIM project source code management moves to Android repo

LIM project now uses Android repo tool to manage its repositories, to simplify developer source code access.

Detailed instructions on how to set up repo can be found here, in short,

mkdir ~bin
curl > ~bin/repo
chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

WIth that, to clone LIM project source, developer just needs to type the following,

lim-omx-0.10 release

lim-omx-0.10  has been released on 2011-03-22, with the following new features and fixes.

  • New development
    • video encoding components with MPEG2/4 and H263/4 encoding support.
    • preliminary container muxer support (hard-coded AVI)
    • content pipe write and read-write mode support.
    • ffmpeg wrapper library for atomic operations accross components.
    • utility api addition with thread run up to count support.
    • automatically dump log upon interrupt signal.
  • Bug fixes
    • memory pool reset api dangling pointer fix.
    • memory leak upon port disabling.
    • content pipe LFS support fix.
    • ffmpeg git tree reference fix.
  • Known issues
    •  muxer support rudimentary with hard-coded params.

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