lim-omx-1.0 release

lim-omx-1.0 has been released on 2011-08-07, with major update to OpenMAX integration layor for buffer sharing support.

This brings LIM OpenMAX IL interop pofile implementation to a milestone with support for static and dynamic component loading,

core shadowing, buffer sharing, tunneling, content pipe and resource management, among many other features.

LIM OpenMAX IL core now provides base component for buffer sharing implementation,

  • component buffer sharing policy validation

  • propagation across tunneled components for,

    • port parameter query and set request

    • automatic buffer supplier an allocator role negotiation and detection

    • buffer allocation and sharing

    • buffer deallocation

  • flexible buffer share policy API for compoment implementation

Other updates and fixes,

  • IL base component implementatoin cleanup and decomposition for better maintenance

  • separate command prep and post callbacks for flexible callback handling in component implementation.

  • fmpeg 0.8.1 support

all FFMPEG OpenMAX wrapper components have been updated to work with FFMPEG library version 0.8.1