lim-omx-0.5 release

lim-omx-0.5 has been released on 2011-05-28, with major updates at OpenMAX Integratoin Layer.

LIM OpenMAX IL core has been updated with flexible component loading mechanisms,

  • component static linking

allows component to be statically linked with IL core

  • component dynamic loading

dynamically scan and load component, allows component to be built stand-alone

  • component loader extension

allows components implemented out of LIM context to be loaded by LIM IL core, by supplying a loader plugin

  • shadowing other IL cores

LIM IL core can dynamically load other IL cores and globally enumerate all components from different cores, presenting client
one OpenMAX IL core to work with. This allows client to leverage components from different IL implementations.

Other major updates,

  • resource management framework

provides an abstration layor to meet components resource management requirement, and leaves actual resourcement
acquisition and release etc to platform dependent resource manager. Each resource manager can be implemented as plugins
to LIM resource management framework.

  • ffmpeg 0.6.3 support

all FFMPEG OpenMAX wrapper components have been updated to work with FFMPEG library version 0.6.3.
(still unclear whether LIM should stick to FFMPEG or switch to libav, not able to dig out the truth, if there's such thing there.)