lim-omx-0.10 release

lim-omx-0.10  has been released on 2011-03-22, with the following new features and fixes.

  • New development
    • video encoding components with MPEG2/4 and H263/4 encoding support.
    • preliminary container muxer support (hard-coded AVI)
    • content pipe write and read-write mode support.
    • ffmpeg wrapper library for atomic operations accross components.
    • utility api addition with thread run up to count support.
    • automatically dump log upon interrupt signal.
  • Bug fixes
    • memory pool reset api dangling pointer fix.
    • memory leak upon port disabling.
    • content pipe LFS support fix.
    • ffmpeg git tree reference fix.
  • Known issues
    •  muxer support rudimentary with hard-coded params.