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#include <OMX_Types.h>

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Public Attributes

struct {
   OMX_U8   nVersionMajor
   OMX_U8   nVersionMinor
   OMX_U8   nRevision
   OMX_U8   nStep
OMX_U32 nVersion

Detailed Description

The OMX_VERSIONTYPE union is used to specify the version for a structure or component. For a component, the version is entirely specified by the component vendor. Components doing the same function from different vendors may or may not have the same version. For structures, the version shall be set by the entity that allocates the structure. For structures specified in the OMX 1.1 specification, the value of the version shall be set to in all cases. Access to the OMX_VERSIONTYPE can be by a single 32 bit access (e.g. by nVersion) or by accessing one of the structure elements to, for example, check only the Major revision.

Member Data Documentation

OMX_U8 nRevision

Revision version accessor element

OMX_U8 nStep

Step version accessor element

OMX_U32 nVersion

32 bit value to make accessing the version easily done in a single word size copy/compare operation

OMX_U8 nVersionMajor

Major version accessor element

OMX_U8 nVersionMinor

Minor version accessor element

struct { ... } s
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