Public Attributes

video_scheduler_private_t Struct Reference
[limoi video scheduler component]

#include <limoi-vscheduler.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

limoi_video_scheduler_t parent
int clock_scale_set
OMX_S32 clock_scale
int clock_running
int reference_clock
vsm_rqst_priv_t hold_buf_pool [LIMOI_MAX_CLOCK_PORT_BUFFERS]
uint32_t buf_signature [LIMOI_MAX_CLOCK_PORT_BUFFERS]
int hold_buf_count

Detailed Description

video scheduler component private data structure.

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t buf_signature[LIMOI_MAX_CLOCK_PORT_BUFFERS]

internal buffer signature tracking.

current media clock scale.

OMX_S32 clock_scale

flag to indicate that clock scale has been set.

inherit limoi video scheduler.

vsm_rqst_priv_t hold_buf_pool[LIMOI_MAX_CLOCK_PORT_BUFFERS]

is this component a reference clock provider? buffer pool for internal buffer hold tracking.

is current media clock running yet?

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