Public Attributes

limoi_port_t Struct Reference
[limoi base internals]

#include <component.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

list_t list
OMX_U32 index
OMX_HANDLETYPE tunnel_comp
OMX_U32 tunnel_port
list_t params_list_head
list_t buffers_list_head
lthread_mutex_t mutex
lthread_cond_t cond
lim_mem_pool_t buf_mem_pool
int activated
limq_handle_t bufq
int bufq_state_transition

Detailed Description

limoi component port list entry structure.

Member Data Documentation

int activated

port buffer memory pool handle.

port conditional.

list with entry of limoi_param_config_t.

port buffer activation state.

port buffer queue handle. port is in the middle of state transitioning if non-zero.

lthread_cond_t cond

port mutex.

OMX_U32 index
lthread_mutex_t mutex

list with entry of limoi_port_buffer_t.

tunneled port index.

OMX_HANDLETYPE tunnel_comp

port index.

OMX_U32 tunnel_port

tunneled component handle.

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