Public Attributes

limoi_component_priv_t Struct Reference
[limoi base internals]

#include <component.h>

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Public Attributes

limoi_component_callbacks_t limoi_callbacks
lthread_cond_t cond
lthread_mutex_t mutex
int lock_count
lthread_t main_thread
lthread_t sub_thread
lthread_t cmd_thread
lthread_mutex_t cmd_mutex
lthread_cond_t cmd_cond
limq_handle_t cmd_q
int cmd_received
lthread_mutex_t event_mutex
limset_handle_t event_set
char * name
list_t roles_list_head
list_t ports_list_head
list_t params_list_head
limoi_port_t ** audio_port
limoi_port_t ** video_port
limoi_port_t ** other_port
int preloaded
int busy
int putting_buffer
int state_transition
int synchronous
void * buffer_share_pool

Detailed Description

limoi component base data structure.

Member Data Documentation

list with entry of limoi_param_config_t.

synchronous component if set. default component configured buffer sharing policy. actual sharing policy depends on client tunnel setup, and is reflected on each individual port.

buffer sharing request pool.

int busy

component preloaded buffer count. bit mapped flags to indicate component busy status, where buffer is actively being processed.

lthread_cond_t cmd_cond

command interface mutex.

lthread_mutex_t cmd_mutex

command callback handling thread.

command interface conditional.

command queue handle.

lthread_t cmd_thread

component supplementory data processing thread.

lthread_cond_t cond

current component state.

lthread_mutex_t event_mutex

number of commands received.

client event set mutex.

active component callbacks.

component mutex.

lthread_t main_thread

component mutex lock count.

lthread_mutex_t mutex

component conditional.

char* name

client event set handle.

enumerated video ports if available.

list with entry of limoi_port_t.

list with entry of limoi_role_t.

int preloaded

enumerated other ports if available.

flag to indicate component is in the middle of putting buffer back, thus possibly calling APIs from tunneled component. Command interface must block waiting for this to be cleared. Otherwise upstream component may suffer deadlock due to early state transition completion of downstream component.

component version.

active limoi callbacks.

flag to indicate component state transition request in progress.

lthread_t sub_thread

component main data processing thread.

component name.

enumerated audio ports if available.

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