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ffmpeg_vdecoder_private_t Struct Reference
[ffmpeg decoder component]

#include <limoi-ffmpeg-decode-video.h>

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Public Attributes

limoi_video_decoder_t parent
int inited
int has_frame
int avcodec_allocated
AVStream * stream
AVCodecContext * avcodec
AVCodec * codec
AVPacket avpkt
AVFrame frame
struct SwsContext * sws

Detailed Description

ffmpeg video decoder component private data structure.

Member Data Documentation

AVCodecContext* avcodec

active stream.

decoder previous pts.

AVPacket avpkt

av codec.

AVCodec* codec

av codec context.

AVFrame frame

decoder input packet.

int has_frame

decoder initialization state.

int inited

inherit limoi video decoder.


decoder has picture in output frame to be consumed.

AVStream* stream

is avcodec allocated by component?

struct SwsContext* sws

decoder output frame.

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