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content_access_itf_t Struct Reference
[limoi content pipe]

#include <contentpipe.h>

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Public Attributes

int(* can_access )(CPstring szURI)
CPresult(* open )(content_handle_t *content, CPstring szURI, CP_ACCESSTYPE eAccess)
CPresult(* close )(content_handle_t content)
CPresult(* seek )(content_handle_t content, CPint nOffset, CP_ORIGINTYPE eOrigin)
CPresult(* read )(content_handle_t content, CPbyte *pData, CPuint *nSize)
CPresult(* write )(content_handle_t content, CPbyte *pData, CPuint *nSize)
CPresult(* info )(content_handle_t content, content_info_t *info)

Detailed Description

content access interface. caller should make sure interface calls are serialized.

Member Data Documentation

int(* can_access)(CPstring szURI)

can interface access given content?

CPresult(* close)(content_handle_t content)

Close a content stream.

CPresult(* info)(content_handle_t content, content_info_t *info)

retrieve content information.

CPresult(* open)(content_handle_t *content, CPstring szURI, CP_ACCESSTYPE eAccess)

Open a content stream for reading or writing.

CPresult(* read)(content_handle_t content, CPbyte *pData, CPuint *nSize)

Retrieve data of the specified size from the content.

CPresult(* seek)(content_handle_t content, CPint nOffset, CP_ORIGINTYPE eOrigin)

Seek to certain position in the content.

CPresult(* write)(content_handle_t content, CPbyte *pData, CPuint *nSize)

Write data of the specified size to the content.

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