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clock_private_t Struct Reference
[limoi clock component]

#include <limoi-clock.h>

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Public Attributes

limoi_component_t parent
int rclock_base_set
OMX_S32 mclock_xScale
OMX_TICKS mclock_nStartTime
OMX_TICKS mclock_nOffset
OMX_U32 mclock_nWaitMask
OMX_TICKS rclock_base
OMX_TICKS wclock_base
limq_handle_t media_time_rqst_q

Detailed Description

clock component private data structure.

Member Data Documentation


media clock state.

OMX_TICKS mclock_nOffset

the time by which to offset the media time.

OMX_TICKS mclock_nStartTime

the media time when the clock was started or will be started.

bit mask specifying the client components that the clock component will wait on.

OMX_S32 mclock_xScale

flag to indicate that reference clock is set. maintains the media time's current scale factor.

media time request queue handle.

OMX_TICKS rclock_base

the reference clock base of extrapolation.


which reference clock the clock component uses (if any).

OMX_TICKS wclock_base

the wall clock base of extrapolation.

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