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[OpenMAX IL Video Domain]

#include <OMX_Video.h>

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Public Attributes

OMX_U32 nSize
OMX_U32 nPortIndex
OMX_U32 nIndex
OMX_U32 xFramerate

Detailed Description

Port format parameter. This structure is used to enumerate the various data input/output format supported by the port.

STRUCT MEMBERS: nSize : Size of the structure in bytes nVersion : OMX specification version information nPortIndex : Indicates which port to set nIndex : Indicates the enumeration index for the format from 0x0 to N-1 eCompressionFormat : Compression format used in this instance of the component. When OMX_VIDEO_CodingUnused is specified, eColorFormat is used eColorFormat : Decompressed format used by this component xFrameRate : Indicates the video frame rate in Q16 format

Member Data Documentation

OMX_U32 nIndex
OMX_U32 nPortIndex
OMX_U32 nSize
OMX_U32 xFramerate
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