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#include <OMX_Image.h>

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OMX_U32 nFrameWidth
OMX_U32 nFrameHeight
OMX_S32 nStride
OMX_U32 nSliceHeight
OMX_BOOL bFlagErrorConcealment

Detailed Description

Data structure used to define an image path. The number of image paths for input and output will vary by type of the image component.

Input (aka Source) : Zero Inputs, one Output, Splitter : One Input, 2 or more Outputs, Processing Element : One Input, one output, Mixer : 2 or more inputs, one output, Output (aka Sink) : One Input, zero outputs.

The PortDefinition structure is used to define all of the parameters necessary for the compliant component to setup an input or an output image path. If additional vendor specific data is required, it should be transmitted to the component using the CustomCommand function. Compliant components will prepopulate this structure with optimal values during the OMX_GetParameter() command.

STRUCT MEMBERS: cMIMEType : MIME type of data for the port pNativeRender : Platform specific reference for a display if a sync, otherwise this field is 0 nFrameWidth : Width of frame to be used on port if uncompressed format is used. Use 0 for unknown, don't care or variable nFrameHeight : Height of frame to be used on port if uncompressed format is used. Use 0 for unknown, don't care or variable nStride : Number of bytes per span of an image (i.e. indicates the number of bytes to get from span N to span N+1, where negative stride indicates the image is bottom up nSliceHeight : Height used when encoding in slices bFlagErrorConcealment : Turns on error concealment if it is supported by the OMX component eCompressionFormat : Compression format used in this instance of the component. When OMX_IMAGE_CodingUnused is specified, eColorFormat is valid eColorFormat : Decompressed format used by this component pNativeWindow : Platform specific reference for a window object if a display sink , otherwise this field is 0x0.

Member Data Documentation

OMX_U32 nFrameHeight
OMX_U32 nFrameWidth
OMX_U32 nSliceHeight
OMX_S32 nStride
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