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[Buffer Management]

#include <OMX_Core.h>

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Public Attributes

OMX_U32 nSize
OMX_U8 * pBuffer
OMX_U32 nAllocLen
OMX_U32 nFilledLen
OMX_U32 nOffset
OMX_PTR pAppPrivate
OMX_PTR pPlatformPrivate
OMX_PTR pInputPortPrivate
OMX_PTR pOutputPortPrivate
OMX_HANDLETYPE hMarkTargetComponent
OMX_PTR pMarkData
OMX_U32 nTickCount
OMX_TICKS nTimeStamp
OMX_U32 nFlags
OMX_U32 nOutputPortIndex
OMX_U32 nInputPortIndex

Detailed Description

Member Data Documentation

OMX_HANDLETYPE hMarkTargetComponent

The component that will generate a mark event upon processing this buffer.

OMX_U32 nAllocLen

size of the buffer allocated, in bytes

OMX_U32 nFilledLen

number of bytes currently in the buffer

OMX_U32 nFlags

buffer specific flags

OMX_U32 nInputPortIndex

The index of the input port (if any) using this buffer

OMX_U32 nOffset

start offset of valid data in bytes from the start of the buffer

The index of the output port (if any) using this buffer

OMX_U32 nSize

size of the structure in bytes

OMX_U32 nTickCount

Optional entry that the component and application can update with a tick count when they access the component. This value should be in microseconds. Since this is a value relative to an arbitrary starting point, this value cannot be used to determine absolute time. This is an optional entry and not all components will update it.

OMX_TICKS nTimeStamp

Timestamp corresponding to the sample starting at the first logical sample boundary in the buffer. Timestamps of successive samples within the buffer may be inferred by adding the duration of the of the preceding buffer to the timestamp of the preceding buffer.

OMX specification version information

OMX_PTR pAppPrivate

pointer to any data the application wants to associate with this buffer

OMX_U8* pBuffer

Pointer to actual block of memory that is acting as the buffer

pointer to any data the input port wants to associate with this buffer

OMX_PTR pMarkData

Application specific data associated with the mark sent on a mark event to disambiguate this mark from others.

pointer to any data the output port wants to associate with this buffer

pointer to any data the platform wants to associate with this buffer

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