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[OpenMAX IL Audio DomainMIDI]

#include <OMX_Audio.h>

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Public Attributes

OMX_U32 nSize
OMX_U32 nPortIndex
OMX_U32 nFileSize
OMX_BU32 sMaxPolyphony
OMX_BOOL bLoadDefaultSound

Detailed Description

MIDI params

Member Data Documentation

Whether to load default sound bank at initialization

Version of the MIDI file

OMX_U32 nFileSize

size of the MIDI file in bytes, where the entire MIDI file passed in, otherwise if 0x0, the MIDI data is merged and streamed (instead of passed as an entire MIDI file)

OMX_U32 nPortIndex

port that this structure applies to

OMX_U32 nSize

size of the structure in bytes

OMX specification version information

Specifies the maximum simultaneous polyphonic voices. A value of zero indicates that the default polyphony of the device is used

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