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[OpenMAX IL Audio DomainAudio effects]

#include <OMX_Audio.h>

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Public Attributes

OMX_U32 nSize
OMX_U32 nPortIndex
OMX_BOOL bEnable
OMX_U32 nStereoWidening

Detailed Description

Control for stereo widening, which is a special 2-channel case of the audio virtualizer effect. For example, for 5.1-channel output, it translates to virtual surround sound.

Member Data Documentation

OMX_BOOL bEnable

Enable/disable for stereo widening control

Stereo widening algorithm type

OMX_U32 nPortIndex

port that this structure applies to

OMX_U32 nSize

size of the structure in bytes

OMX_U32 nStereoWidening

stereo widening setting for the port, as a continuous value from 0 to 100

OMX specification version information

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