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[OpenMAX IL Audio DomainAudio effects]

#include <OMX_Audio.h>

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Public Attributes

OMX_U32 nSize
OMX_U32 nPortIndex
OMX_BOOL bEnable
OMX_BS32 sRoomLevel
OMX_BS32 sRoomHighFreqLevel
OMX_BS32 sReflectionsLevel
OMX_BU32 sReflectionsDelay
OMX_BS32 sReverbLevel
OMX_BU32 sReverbDelay
OMX_BU32 sDecayTime
OMX_BU32 nDecayHighFreqRatio
OMX_U32 nDensity
OMX_U32 nDiffusion
OMX_BU32 sReferenceHighFreq

Detailed Description

Reverberation is part of the reflected sound that follows the early reflections. In a typical room, this consists of a dense succession of echoes whose energy decays exponentially. The reverberation effect structure as defined here includes both (early) reflections as well as (late) reverberations.

Member Data Documentation

OMX_BOOL bEnable

Enable/disable for reverberation control

Ratio of high frequency decay time relative to low frequency decay time in percent

OMX_U32 nDensity

Modal density in the late reverberation decay, in percent (i.e. 0 - 100)

OMX_U32 nDiffusion

Echo density in the late reverberation decay, in percent (i.e. 0 - 100)

OMX_U32 nPortIndex

port that this structure applies to

OMX_U32 nSize

size of the structure in bytes

OMX specification version information

Late reverberation decay time at low frequencies, in milliseconds

Reference high frequency in Hertz. This is the frequency used as the reference for all the high-frequency settings above

Delay time of the first reflection relative to the direct path, in milliseconds

Intensity level of early reflections (relative to room value), in millibels

Time delay from the first early reflection to the beginning of the late reverberation section, in milliseconds

Intensity level of late reverberation relative to room level, in millibels

Attenuation at high frequencies relative to the intensity at low frequencies in millibels

Intensity level for the whole room effect (i.e. both early reflections and late reverberation) in millibels

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