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#include <OMX_Audio.h>

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Public Attributes

OMX_U32 nSize
OMX_U32 nPortIndex
OMX_U32 nIndex
OMX_U8 nMetaEventType
OMX_U32 nMetaEventSize
OMX_U32 nTrack
OMX_U32 nPosition

Detailed Description

MIDI Meta Event structure one per Meta Event. MIDI Meta Events are like audio metadata, except that they are interspersed with the MIDI content throughout the file and are not localized in the header. As such, it is necessary to retrieve information about these Meta Events from the engine, as it encounters these Meta Events within the MIDI content. For example, SMF files can have up to 14 types of MIDI Meta Events (copyright, author, default tempo, etc.) scattered throughout the file.

Member Data Documentation

OMX_U32 nIndex

Index of Meta Event

OMX_U32 nMetaEventSize

size of the Meta Event in bytes

Meta Event Type, 7bits (i.e. 0 - 127)

OMX_U32 nPortIndex

port that this structure applies to

OMX_U32 nPosition

Position of the meta-event in milliseconds

OMX_U32 nSize

size of the structure in bytes

OMX_U32 nTrack

track number for the meta event

OMX specification version information

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