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this demo implementation demonstrates how a custom resource manager can be implemented using LIM OpenMAX resource manager framework.

In order for resource manager to be automatically detected by LIM OpenMAX IL core, resource manager must implement LIM_ResourceManagerInit() and LIM_ResourceManagerDeinit(), which will be respectively called by IL core once upon core initialization and deinitialization.

Within LIM_ResourceManagerInit(), resource manager is required to register all its managed resources with LIM OpenMAX by calling to limoi_resource_register(). Each implementation must identify itself by unique 'manager_id'. How this is defined is out of the LIM scope.

Implementation may choose to also carry out actual resource initialization within LIM_ResourceManagerInit(), however this will block OpenMAX IL core initialization. Thus it is recommended to put resource initialization in background, or implementation can choose to do lazy initialization, where resourece gets initialized only before it actually gets used.

It is safe for implementation to release all managed resources upon LIM_ResourceManagerDeinit().

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arbitrary unique resourece manager ID.

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