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limoi demuxer base
[limoi other base]


struct  limoi_demuxer_callbacks_t
struct  limoi_demuxer_t


#define LIMOI_DEMUXER(c)   ((limoi_demuxer_t *)OMX_COMPONENT(c))


typedef struct limoi_demuxer_priv_t limoi_demuxer_priv_t


OMX_ERRORTYPE limoi_demuxer_deinit (OMX_HANDLETYPE hComp)
OMX_ERRORTYPE limoi_demuxer_init (OMX_HANDLETYPE *hComp, int bytes, const char *comp_name, const char *comp_version)
int limoi_demuxer_set_callbacks (OMX_HANDLETYPE hComp, limoi_demuxer_callbacks_t *callbacks)
int limoi_demuxer_set_port_params (OMX_HANDLETYPE hComp, int num_audio_streams, limoi_audio_format_t *audio_format, int num_video_streams, limoi_video_format_t *video_format)

Define Documentation

#define LIMOI_DEMUXER (   c  )     ((limoi_demuxer_t *)OMX_COMPONENT(c))

Typedef Documentation

opaque limoi content demuxer private data structure.

Function Documentation

OMX_ERRORTYPE limoi_demuxer_deinit ( OMX_HANDLETYPE  hComp  ) 

limoi demuxer component deinitialization routine. destructs limoi demuxer base component.

hComp component handle.
OMX_ERRORTYPE limoi_demuxer_init ( OMX_HANDLETYPE *  hComp,
int  bytes,
const char *  comp_name,
const char *  comp_version 

limoi demuxer component initialization routine. demuxer component will internally query to use OMX_IndexParamContentURI parameter as its input URI.

bytes size of component private data in bytes.
comp_name component name assigned by component implementor.
comp_version component version string assigned by component implementor. format: 'maj.minor.revison.step'.
int limoi_demuxer_set_callbacks ( OMX_HANDLETYPE  hComp,
limoi_demuxer_callbacks_t callbacks 

set limoi demuxer component callbacks.

callbacks limoi_component_callbacks_t callbacks.
0 on success, -1 on failure.
int limoi_demuxer_set_port_params ( OMX_HANDLETYPE  hComp,
int  num_audio_streams,
limoi_audio_format_t audio_format,
int  num_video_streams,
limoi_video_format_t video_format 

set limoi demuxer component output port parameters.

num_audio_streams number of audio streams available.
audio_format array of audio format type bounded by num_audio_streams.
num_video_streams number of video streams available.
video_format array of video format type bounded by num_video_streams.
0 on success, -1 on failure.
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